Best vacuum

Best vacuum


The BEST VACUUM vacuum packaging machine is well known for its very high quality and the advanced technology solutions.

The machine was especially projected to reduce at the minimum its size and offer in the meantime highest level performances.

The machine is equipped with a selflubrificating vacuum pump that requires no oil for its functioning: a very important feature, this one, for an external suction machine.

The command board of the vacuum packaging machine BEST VACUUM is of digital type and the various functions are controlled by the microprocessor.

The machine is also fitted with a sensorial vacuum creation system, that enables in sequence the different phases of vacuum – sealing – automatic switching off, without requiring any intervention by the operator.

The vacuum packaging machine BEST VACUUM ensures excellent vacuum levels and sealings. It can create vacuum inside of bags and inside of a rich range of vacuum containers, lids and bottle caps, manufactured by our company.

Each BEST VACUUM is EC certified and complies with the strictest rules all over the world.

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Lenght: 360 mm
Width: 265 mm
Height: 126 mm
Weight: 4.00 kg