Cuisson SV 31

Cuisson SV 31


Vacuum packing machine, it is the flagship of Orved production as far as the restaurant industry and the vacuum cooking technique are concerned. This chamber machine of last generation is in fact equipped with all possible options, such as the dater, which allows the printing of the date of the packing and the number of lot on the border of the bag, by simply placing the vacuum bag between the pad and the stamp. The dater is positioned between the vacuum chamber wall and the sealing bar, thus leaving the resistance free. Dater can be easily removed from its “sledge” position to manually change the “date” or the “code” which has to be printed on the borders of the bags.

The particular shape of the vacuum chamber facilitates the packing of liquids inside the vacuum bags. Once you place the bag in the appropriate chamber, it stands vertically, thus allowing the liquids to be positioned – thanks to the force of gravity – at the bottom of the bag itself and consequently avoiding their suction during the cycle of vacuum creation.

The sealing bar is attached to the vacuum chamber through two levers which allow its lifting; the operator can therefore easily access to the vacuum chamber ensuring a better cleaning and a higher hygienic level.

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Lenght: 430 mm
Width: 615 mm
Height: 420 mm
Weight: 58.40 kg
Chamber size: 330 x 432 x 160(+190) h mm
Lenght of the sealing beam: 310 mm
Power grid voltage: 220-240 V / 1 Ph+N+PE / 50-60 Hz
Final pressure: 2.00 mbar
Nominal pump speed: 12 mc/h
Vacuum pump power: 450 W (50 Hz) - 540 W (60 Hz)
Maximum power absorption: 750 VA
Vacuum creation/seal: automatic
Working: automatic
Seal: electronic, variable to several levels
Cooling/timer system automatic
Command board: digital
Air re-entry: with electro-valve
Starting cycle: with microswitch
Lid: convex
sealing beams
310 mm