Sealers, dispensers, heat sealing machines for PP strap, devices for PP and steel straps, bag sewing machines, clipping machines, pneumatic staples, adhesive taping machines etc.


Endless horizontal and vertical machine for closing (sealing) different types of bags (possibility for INK date printer).
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Nozni termolepilki za lepenje kesi

Foot impulse sealers in various dimensions.

Racni termolepilki za lepenje kesi

Hand impulse sealers in various dimensions.


Battery powered machines for strapping and heat-sealing PP/PET straps.


Klesta za PP traka

Hand tools for tightening, closing (tying) with metal clips and cutting PP strap.

Klesta za celicna traka

Hand tool for tying steel strap without metal clips.


Dispanzer za PP lenta

Dispenser (cart) for PP or PET strap. Easier operation, control and manipulation.

Device for closing bags with adhesive tape.

Metal dispenser for manual stretch foil with mechanical brake.
Plastic adhesive tape dispenser.

Clipping machine

The clipping machine is of Italian origin and of high quality. It is widely used in closing (tying) different types of bags and products. It can be used for packaging bread, fruits, vegetables and a huge number of other products.

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Masina za pakuvanje paleti so plasticna lenta

Mobile tying machine with PP strap

Mobile semi-automatic machine for horizontal and vertical pallet tying with PP strap. The machine is equipped with a telescopic holder for easy pallet tying with PP strap and wheels for easy handling through space.

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Automatic PP strap tying machine

Automatic machines with frame for tying with PP strap. The machines are equipped with a steel work table for product placement, with automatic tying controlled by a pedal, button or photo-cell located on the work table .

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Masina za termolepenje na PP lenta


PP strap sealing machine is an affordable and compact semi-automatic machine for tying with PP strap. It is designed for general use and can meet a variety of requirements.

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Nozna heftalica za zatvoranje na kutii

Foot pneumatic stapler

Pneumatic foot stapler. This stapler is intended for continuous use in industry and packaging departments. The stapler has a built-in pneumatic device and the stapling speed is significantly higher than the mechanical variant.

Racna pnevmatska heftalica za zatvoranje kutii

Manual pneumatic stapler

Manual pneumatic stapler. This stapler is intended for continuous use in industry and packaging departments.

Adhesive tape packing machines

Machines for automatic closing(sealing) of cardboard boxes with adhesive tape. Simultaneous sealing of the upper and lower part of the box. Possibility to be placed in an automatic line without the need for an operator due to the pneumatic device for automatic closing of the lids of the boxes.

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Masina za lepenje sisinja so folija

Machine for ultrasonic cap sealing

This ultrasonic sealing machine is designed for sealing caps with aluminum foil for plastic and glass packaging. The machine is easy to use and has the ability to work in automatic mode. The height and speed of sealing is adjustable depending on the packaging used.  


Industrial bag sewing machine. Ideal for sewing paper, cardboard, cotton, PE/PP materials as well as other types of materials provided for the production of bags.

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Cap closing machines

Semi-automatic closing machines for various types of caps. The machines have the possibility to be installed on a conveyor belt and to be an integral part of an automatic line.

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The paper banding machine is a type of machine that can be placed on any table and is ideal because it takes up very little space. It is mainly used for tying banknotes, business cards, small boxes or other textile products.

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Clipping machine for packing products in net

Machine for packing various products in a net and tying (closing) them with clips. Thanks to the easy delivery of the material in the bag and its automatic closing with clips, the machine is very easy to manipulate and use. Widely used in the field of fruit and vegetable packaging.

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