Vertical form, fill and seal machine MH2bb Sprint

MH2bb is vertical bag-forming machine designed for production of bags and their filling with portions of smaller size. Machine is suitable for packing of all loose and granulated products and liquids. Machine is equipped with servomotors and with control system B&R.
Bag is formed from heat sealable film, which unwinds from the roll and is guided through set of pulleys on forming tube with collar. The film is sealed there around the forming tube into a sleeve. The cross sealing bars then makes a bottom of bag. The portion is released and after falling into a bag, the machine pulls the film for a bag length and cross sealing bars make a top seal and close and cut the bag. The cycle repeats. Machine has low air consumption.



Machine Descriptions Its Advantages
- system B&R - low consumption of compressed air
- display of minute capacity - automatic check of essential parameters and error reports
- self-diagnostic - easy setting of functions on control panel
- bags counter - setting of bag length in mm or according to film print
- setting of functions is provided by control panel - film pull overdue for dusty articles
- pneumatics Rexroth, Festo - 200 presets for saving of parameters for various film types and packaging methods
- Inner frame for film conducting on the tube and collar - abortion of machine after accomplishment of engaged number of bags
- shift foil at the hand of tension belts - roll of bags quantity till abortion of operation
- servomotor - roll of total cycles quantity
- electronics resistant to short circuit, reversing of polarity and overloading - safe quick change of tube and collar by the means of fast cramping
- electric cover IP 44 - simplicity of design of the drive
- the areas, which are in contact with product are made from stainless steel - possibility of connection to PC, printer, ethernet
- all parts of the machine are protected  by health-harmless surface treatment - various kinds of bags: folded bottom, carrier holes, perforations
Accessories - exact automatic guiding of film over forming tube
- electronic dosing weigher - automatic film tension
- volumetric friction or flap filler - adjustment of pressure of pulling belts - pneumatically
- auger filler - program service via modem
- liquid filler - operating language according to your choice (standard 4 languages - Czech, German, English, Russian)
- feeding corrugated conveyor Technical parameters
 - feeding auger conveyor Bag volume.....max. 2500 ml
 - discharge conveyor Packing capacity depends on bag size, kind of goods and capacity of used filler.....max. 130 bpm
 - distribution device for left and right side Length of bags.....50 – 310 mm
 - equipment for bags folding Width of bags.....45 – 210 mm
 - photocell for centering of printing Supply voltage.....3 x 230 V / 400 V – 50 Hz
 - filling with inert gas Power input.....3,2 kW
 - device for  measurement volume of  residual oxygen Air pressure.....0,6 - 0,8 MPa
 - labelling device Air consumption for 1 bag at 0,6 Mpa.....max. 0,2 litre
 - compressor 9 m3 / hour Noisiness.....max. 75 dB
 - multihead weigher Machine weight.....550 kg
 - date printing using markup device MZ4 MARK 1 Machine dimensions(L x W x H).....1769 x 1427 x 1484 mm
 - Ionization device SIMCO
 - combination of auger and volumetric filler
 - combination of weighing device and auger filler
- easy shifting of fillers on one machine