Auger filler SD2bb

The auger filler SD2bb is designed for precise dosing of powdered, heavy loose and some granulated products e.g.: ground coffee, custard, smooth flour, powdered sugar, gypsum, dry colours etc. This dosing device is in standard developed as volumetric dosing device for bagging machines of MH type. Filling of the product is made by means of endless screw that takes accurate portion size from feeding hopper.  It has a self-control system, which ensure easy and very precise settings of the portion and is fully synchronous with packaging machine. It can be used as independent dosing device with outside control panel, or it can be adjusted as dosing device for the packaging machine of other producers, or other construction. For refilling of the feeding hopper is optimal to use feeding conveyor VD5. praskasti


Machine Descriptions Technical parameters
- supporting frame, electromechanical drive, distributor, hopper and tube with screw Capacity depends on portion size and type of dosed goods.....max. 110 portions / min.
- progressive retardation of screw Fill volume.....min. 10 ml - max. 6 000 ml
- sensor insuring stable level of goods in hopper Filling accuracy.....according to the standard "e"
- mixer ensuring permanent looseness of goods in hopper Supply voltage.....3 x 230 V / 400 V - 50 Hz
- areas in contact with goods are made in stainless steel Power input.....2,8 kW
- split hopper for easy cleaning Noisiness.....max. 75 dB
Its Advantages Machine weight.....250 kg
- adaptive system (self-adjustment of portion) Air pressure.....0,4 - 0,6 MPa
- adjustment of portion during operation Air consumption at pressure of 0,6 MPa.....0,2 l / portion
- easy and quick replacement of the tube with auger Dimensions (width, length, height).....788 x 1299 x 950 - 1200 mm
- regulation of revolutions speed of dosing auger
- different types of closing of auger screw
- integrated controls of SD2bb with machine MH