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mechanical flow-wrapping machine, designed to offer high performance, versatility and ease of operation. The print registration allows the use of pre-printed films in conjuction with on-board printers for best dates and bar codes, etc. All models can be designed to incorporate specific customer requirements.
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Reel holder width 400 mm
Reel holder to expansion and jolt
Electronic temperature control
Control panel with useful graphic interface
Infeed belt lenght 1800 mm
Safety kluch
Voltage 240 V 50/60 Hz
Weight 400 kg

Easy 4 is ideal for makets with products as diverse as food, industrial or pharmaceutical. Easy 4 can be loaded manually or automatically, with small plastic components or other larger items.


Rotative printer
Alcool sprinkler system
Inox version AISI 304
Pneumatic roller closing
Sensor for product absence
HI SPEED version 400 pcs/min
Mechanical gear box
Print centring system
Left version
Stop at jaws-open point